Danube – classroom on the water

Belgrade at the confluence of two rivers

Danube – CLASSROOM ON THE WATER“, an outdoor interactive learning program for children, is a unique pedagogical innovation in our country, and among the first of that kind in Europe.
The project objective is to better acquiant homeland, to raise awareness and knowledge about the importance of the Danube River and its tributaries as the greatest natural resource of Serbia. The project contributes to the development of environmental awareness, to better understanding and implementation of learned content as well as to dispel fear of the river among children. Objectives of the program are achived by integration of different teaching units in a single curriculum, applying one of the most important pedagogical principle – principle of obviousness. Program duration : Half of day (including the time required for transportation from school to the pier and back, and 4 school classes at the board).

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Meeting at agreed time in front of the school.
Check in at the Sava port. Boarding on the ship “Golden Heart”, sailing and participation in the implementation of the program “Danube – classroom on the water.” Panoramic tour of the coastal rivers: Belgrade Fortress, Nebojsa Tower, the Great War Island, confluence of the Sava and Danube river ,navigation on the Danube downstream and passing under the Pancevo Bridge, the island’s village White rocks, river island Štefanac and Čakljanac, river island Forkontumac, Tamis River estuary near Pancevo.
Coming to Vinca, landing. Going to the archaeological site Belo Brdo and participation in archaeological workshops led by professional archaeologists. Museum tour.
Return the Danube upstream towards the Sava port with continued implementation of “Danube – classroom on the water.” Throughout, songs, game shows … children acquire knowledge concerning the Danube and Sava (importance, geography, environmental community, history of settlements etc.).
Coming to Belgrade, landing.
Return by bus to school.

Program includes:
– Bus transportation from the school to the pier and back ,
– Instructional day in the ambience of the ship ” Golden Heart” with all the necessary accessories for classes for up to five school classes (workbooks “Danube – classroom on the water”, big empty lists of papers  for workshops, crayons)
– Refreshment (sandwich, juice, water),
– 1 FREE on 20 payable students,
– Insurance
– The costs of the organization.

Program does not include:
– All not mentioned services

Note : The minimum number of passengers for the realization of a trip is 80. Sailing is organized by touristic catamaran (dimensions : 24mx8m ), which features a classroom that accepts 150 passengers, a sun deck, lounge, kitchen, 5 toilets, cabin, wheelhouse. The ship is equipped with a nautical devices of modern technology. Security guarantee: the European standards of safety, an experienced captain and crew, modern technical equipment. Along with this program are valid general terms and conditions of travel agency Nova Škola Plus d.o.o


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    Brod Zlatno srce Beograd
    Sava port / Concrete hall ("Beton hala")

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